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BitTitan automated Runbooks are a game-changer for MSP sales and service delivery teams. 

What is an automated Runbook? It's a dynamic checklist that ensures everyone has the right information at their fingertips at the right time... and so much more!

Bring your documentation to life for your partners with automated, step-by-step prescriptive guidance and watch them sell and successfully deliver more managed services powered by your offerings than ever before:

  • Publish Automated Runbooks in the MSPComplete marketplace.
  • Market directly to a growing community of 50,000+ partners. 
  • Accelerate product adoption with new and existing partners.
  • Launch new services and product updates quickly and efficiently. 
  • Gain insight into how partners deliver your product as a managed service. 
  • Automate complex tasks to make your partners even more profitable. 

"With BitTitan automated Runbooks, we are no longer stuck with static, unread manuals. We can publish these guides as step-by-step, readily consumable and interactive instructions for our ecosystem..."

- Matt Richards, VP of Product Marketing at Datto.

"Our goal at Dropbox is to make work simpler, streamlining business processes so that people are free to create amazing things. The introduction of the MSPComplete Publisher Program does exactly that for managed service providers by bringing products, content and execution closer together..."

- Matt Pahnke, Global Head of Partner Marketing at Dropbox.  

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